Can You Swim With Contacts? | Is it Safe? | A Complete Guide

swim with contacts

Can you swim with contacts?

Swim With Contacts, The answer is Yes. If we’re talking about swimming in public pools or the ocean, there is no problem at all. However, if you’re concerned that your eyes might be too sensitive to chlorine (or salt), a solution is to use goggles over your contacts.

Your prescription will still probably be accurate because most contact lenses are made of plastic and they float on water until they sink through their own buoyancy.

They also won’t absorb chemicals from the water like glass does since they are not porous like our skin!

You should take note however that simply wearing goggles, doesn’t make your contact lens safer. Always watch out for chlorine or pool chemicals leached into even sealed containers!

Some commercial goggles will fit over the lenses, otherwise, you can buy a hydrogel contact lens that is designed to be worn underwater.

swim with contacts

There is also a “contact lens” specifically designed for swimming and diving called Aqua lens that uses an oxygen-permeable silicone material so your eyes don’t get foggy underwater [however, I was unable to find any record of this product being sold in Singapore].

Swim with soft contacts:

Soft contacts are a great alternative to hard contact lenses. People who wear them can use their eyes for hours at a time without irritation or discomfort.

Though soft contacts may seem intimidating, they aren’t difficult to care for and you will feel more comfortable having them in your eyes if you follow these simple steps:

1. Unscrew the cap on each side of the lens case using your fingers to open it up completely. You’ll see six contact cases in total, four smaller ones and two larger ones in which you place the lenses.

2. Take one lens out of its case with your fingers. The first thing that should grab your attention is how thin and clear soft contacts are they’re not as thick as hard contact lenses and their colour also varies. You’ll notice that this lens is a different colour than the others, and has small bubbles on its surface.

3. Holding the lens up to your nose with one hand, gently flip it over with your fingers so you can see the other side of the lens (the side that’s smooth). With your other hand take out another contact case from its container.

4. Look at this new contact case closely for a second before opening it. This grayish-blue silicone bubble is where you’ll place your soft contact in order to wear them.

5. Take the edge of the silicone bubble and gently push it into what looks like an eye socket-this is actually supposed to be positioned against your natural eyelid line.

6. Now take the contact and place it on top of the silicone bubble. This will create what is commonly known as a “soft lens in-lay”

Can you swim with contacts in the ocean?

No, you can’t swim with contacts in the ocean. Just don’t do it unless you have goggles too! Even if the water is crystal clear, there’s still a chance of getting an infection from stepping on all the weird things in the ocean.

There are a lot of sand crabs, barnacles, and other creatures in the ocean that can get stuck under your contact lens.

Even if you are in the water and not wearing contacts, sand can still get lodged in your eyes. It’s just part of the deal when you decide to swim with contacts in an ocean, at least wear goggles!

How do you swim with contacts?

It is all a matter of comfort.

For me, it was easy as I was already wearing contacts for several years and just had to be a little bit more careful when putting them into the eyeballs.

In terms of swimming, however, swim with contacts is another story and if you are wearing contacts for the first time then chances are high you will end up in agony minutes after jumping in the pool. Let us see why that happens… and how can we make this experience pleasant or at least bearable?

The first problem you might encounter while putting your contact lenses inside those wet holes is getting your fingers wet (the ones holding contact lenses).

swim with contacts

Now in most cases there is no real problem here apart from that fact that you are putting all the germs from your fingers into contact lenses.

So, to avoid that problem we can use a solution called Aqua soft which is an alcohol-based liquid designed specifically for cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses before putting them on.

You simply take a little amount out of bottle, moisten your finger with it and put it onto lens surface. It will eliminate all dirt and bacteria from the lens leaving them clean, dry and ready to be inserted into eyeballs!

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